ImageOpening Day Fishing, which happens on the first Saturday in May has always been a tradition. I remember getting up at 5:00 A.M. to get to the park on time. I would go with my cousins and we would have a great time. I started to go fishing when I was just ten years old.

The day before opening day would seem like the longest day ever. We would race to the park, so we could get our favorite spot. The park was stocked every year with rainbow trout, so we would always get our limit. I remember one year I was interviewed by channel 12 and got on television.

So if you see the boat that is in the picture above give a shout, I just might be on it. The above picture is of my friends boat called Bassakwards.(HaHa cool name right)

Nowadays the lakes seem to be too crowded and I usually wait a couple of weeks after opening day to go. I try to go fishing as much as I can, which seems to be too infrequent. I love to be on the lake and just enjoying the outdoors. Can you think of a favorite fishing spot, or a time that is memorable to you?