I have always been fascinated with fixing things my whole life and computers are not an exception. I grew up with computers starting with the Vic 20, if any of you can remember that far back. (HAHA) The Vic 20 was a little before the Commodore 64 and was very basic. I just love to take things apart and see how they work. I remember working on lawn mowers, to see if I could get them to run and other things like that growing up.

I have always liked working with computers and now I am going to school to learn how to fix them! I have always liked to get my hands dirty and get right into a problem and try to solve it.

Computers are wonderful machines, except when they no longer work.  I have done every kind of upgrade to my computer you can think of from video board, sound card, and motherboard replacement. Most computers can be fixed by replacing the defective parts. There a few things you can do to prolong the life of your computer, like blowing out the dust from your tower every six months. Make sure when you do this you unplug your computer to prevent any shocks. Another thing you can do is to back up all of your files onto an external hard drive, so when your computer becomes infected with a virus and won’t boot, or your hard drive fails you can easily get your system up and running again. Also don’t forget to run virus scans to check for problems.

There are a bunch of free cleaning software applications out there, these could help also, but be very careful when you run these because they can make changes to your registry and that could lead to a whole mess of problems. A site that I like to use for free anti-virus and other programs is CNET download.com. http://www.cnet.com/?tag=hdr

Are there any sites or programs that you like to keep your computer up and running?